Updated: Jan 14

NEW CARLISLE - 70 teams competed in The Wiffle®Ball Championship this past weekend. Here's a look at the Top 25 Teams in the Game. Rankings reflect the entire weekend, not just the Hometown Cup Playoffs.


  1. Granger Panthers

  2. New Carlisle Newts

  3. Grandmother's Quilt

  4. Maple City Magic

  5. Son of a Pitch

  6. Warsaw Whitecats

  7. GP Black

  8. Woo Crew

  9. Cult West Warriors

  10. Mechanics

  11. Stache Bros

  12. Team Combat

  13. The Muffs

  14. Twin Branch Billy Goats

  15. Zone 3 Cyclones

  16. Emery's Army

  17. Maple City Purple

  18. Wildcards

  19. Speedy's Chickenheads

  20. Malort! I'll Have Another

  21. The Naturals

  22. Hotel Tango

  23. County Line Kings

  24. Clutch Players

  25. OTF


The Wiffle®Ball Championship is an official event of New Carlisle Hometown Days, Inc. Hometown Days is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a fun-filled, family-oriented festival every July. The event weekend is a venue for many local churches, clubs, and other non-profit groups to conduct their biggest fundraisers of the year. All proceeds from The Championship help the Hometown Days committee in its effort to continue this summer tradition.


“WIFFLE”, the Wiffle Certification Mark and the image of the ball are registered trademarks owned by The Wiffle Ball, Inc. 

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