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Migley Field is home of the New Carlisle Newts and the Hometown Cup Finals. The cathedral of Wiffle®Ball has become the destination every team strives to reach, hosting the final rounds of The Championship since its construction in 2006.


The ballpark has been the showcase venue for the Old Republic Wiffle®Ball League, as it has hosted every ORWBL All-Star Game dating back to 2007. Eight ORWBL World Series have been played at Migley, with the title being clinched three times at the Friendly Confines.


Migley was built as a tribute to Wrigley Field, the historic home of the Chicago Cubs. The name comes from combining "Mini" and "Wrigley." The most prominent features are replicas of the famous red marquee and manually operated, centerfield scoreboard. Planted in 2007, ivy continues to slowly take over the chainlink outfield fence.


Flags commemorating important years and players in both Newts and Cubs history are flown in various locations. Atop the scoreboard, the current ORWBL standings are on display with flags representing the league's teams. At the conclusion of an ORWBL game, a win or loss flag is hoisted to alert Migleyville residents of the Newts' fortunes that day.


In recent years, championship banners have become a main attraction of the ballpark. During the Hometown Cup Finals, all previous champions are honored with a banner recognizing their championship year. The rest of the summer, the Newts' various tournament titles and ORWBL World Series Championships are hung with pride.


Day Wiffle®Ball is the preference at Migley Field, as the Hometown Cup Finals are traditionally scheduled for the familiar 1:20pm start time. However, temporary lights have been used for limited night games since the first ORWBL night game on June 12, 2007.


Due to its location in a popular residential neighborhood and the Newts' strong following, large crowds typically flock to the corner of Bray and Dunn throughout the summer. The Hometown Cup Finals are unquestionably the most well-attended games each year, with crowds surpassing 300.


From the sounds of Wrigley Field organist John Benedeck on the Lowrey to home run balls flying out onto Dunn Road,  Migley Field provides an atmosphere that is uniquely New Carlisle.  The Hometown Cup Finals serve as the grand finale of the festival weekend, and there's no better setting than Wiffle®Ball's Friendly Confines.



500 South Bray Street

New Carlisle, IN 46552


Seating Capacity:



Height of fence:

Outfield - 4 feet

Backstop - 3 feet


Distances from plate:

Left field - 95 feet

Left-center - 98 feet

Center field - 100 feet

Right-center - 98 feet

Right field - 93 feet


Home of:

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