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Wiffle® Kingdom Attractions

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

This July, New Carlisle will transform into the Wiffle® Kingdom - an enchanting destination of summer fun in the sun! The wondrous weekend kicks off Friday, July 28 and runs through Sunday, July 30. While the entire town will be full of activity for guests of all ages, at the heart of it all will be The Wiffle®Ball Championship 2023.

Pool play and preliminary rounds of the Hometown Cup Playoffs will take place at the New Prairie Little League complex, with the final four teams advancing to the Hometown Cup Finals at the Friendliest Confines on Earth - Migley Field!

This year, the complex (and town) will be divided into various themed "lands" and each wiffle field will be known as an "attraction." The Wiffle® Kingdom will consist of nine lands and feature over 20 attractions!

Fields are inspired by past and present attractions found at Disney Parks across the world. The name of each attraction has a special twist related to either New Carlisle, Hometown Days, or The Wiffle®Ball Championship.

Attraction names are being revealed each Wednesday on social media. Here is the running list of attractions so far:

"it's a small town"

Disney Parks Attraction: "it's a small world"

Wiffle®Kingdom Description:

There is just one Cup

And one stoplight here

And to WIFFLE means

Friendship and drinking beer

Though we have civic pride

And our farmland is wide

It's a small town after all.

Championship Earth

Disney Parks Attraction: Spaceship Earth

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Travel through time and explore the remarkable history of The Championship. Every champion from the Late Arrivers through the Granger Panthers is honored at this attraction.

Splash Pad Mountain

Disney Parks Attraction: Splash Mountain

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: As New Carlisle's Memorial Park undergoes an exciting transformation, the new splash pad will offer a whimsical backdrop to this field on College Street. You may get wet!

Bounce House Midway Mania!

Disney Parks Attraction: Toy Story Midway Mania!

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Located right next to this wiffle field, the midway at Hometown Days is filled with fun games and inflatables - bounce away!

The Many Wagers of Willy the Sharp

Disney Parks Attraction: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Place a Hundred Unit Bet with Wiffle's favorite expert sports gambler at this attraction, named in honor of the Granger Panthers star Austin Williams. Maybe you'll find a pot of munny.

Factor Ever After

Disney Parks Attraction: Frozen Ever After

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Celebrating one of the most impactful figures in the history of The Championship, this attraction has an enchanting "Summer Snow Day" theme. Named for the late Hall of Famer, Matt "X-Factor" Flagg.

Haunted Palace

Disney Parks Attraction: Haunted Mansion

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Palace. There's no turning back now! Join 999 happy haunts for a SWINGING wake at this grim grinning attraction. Located in the heart of Tent City, beware of the spirits that lurk beyond the outfield fence!

Walt Griffin's Carousel of Pitching

Disney Parks Attraction: Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Travel through the 21st Century and marvel at the evolution of pitching at this classic attraction. Named for the 2023 ORWBL Champion, Walter Griffin III.

Malort! Rite of Passage

Disney Parks Attraction: Avatar Flight of Passage

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: A thrilling expedition to Tent City is a crucial step in the life of a wiffler, and paying your debts when striking out is an important rite of passage. (Not endorsed by The Wiffle®Ball Championship)

Wiffle Talk with Cotter

Disney Parks Attraction: Turtle Talk with Crush

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Gather around a window to Wiffletown for a conversation in real time with your favorite WIFFLE columnist, Aidan Cotter. Cotter's blog WiffleTalk provides the most in-depth tournament preview every year.

Big Daddy Hacks Railroad

Disney Parks Attraction: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Don't merely swing for the fences on this rickety track, take big daddy hacks! Named for the squad out of Bloomington, Indiana, making their fifth appearance in 2023.

Schusters, Inc. Joe and Randy Will Rob You!

Disney Parks Attraction: Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sully to the Rescue!

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Even if it looks like a monster shot, your high fly ball is never safely out of the reach of the Schusters Inc. Named for the duo of home run thieves, Randy and Joey Schuster.

The Beef Barnstormer at Golden Acres Farm

Disney Parks Attraction: The Barnstormer (at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm)

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Head on down to the barn at Golden Acres Farm for this "goofy" family attraction! Named for the Beef Barn team and the Millar-Bradshaw farm in New Carlisle.

Magic Homers of Jonkman

Disney Parks Attraction: Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Watch the wiffleballs fly high over Migleyville on an enchanted ride inspired by the 6-time Home Run Derby champion. Named for Jared Jonkman of the Maple City Magic.

John Arndtstyle / Run

Disney Parks Attraction: Tron Lightcycle / Run

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Speed across the bases after a home run - in the style of Hall of Famer John Arndt.

Soos Family Treehouse

Disney Parks Attraction: Swiss Family Treehouse

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Explore the ultimate warrior corner - and behold the one place with shade - inspired by the pair of Hall of Famers, Scott and Matt Soos.

Steamin' Teabag Party

Disney Parks Attraction: Mad Tea Party

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Inspired by the revolving roster of the inaugural tournament's runners-up, this whirlwind attraction will make your head spin!

DiNardo's Daring Journey

Disney Parks Attraction: Pinocchio's Daring Journey

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: The classic adventure of The Naturals' captain, as he dares to play four pool play games after a trip to Pleasure Island (aka The Diner).

Gran Slam Tour Starring the Three Cabo Yabos

Disney Parks Attraction: Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Hilarity and hijinks ensue as you take in the antics of some of the most colorful personalities in all of WIFFLE! Named in honor of the former ORWBL franchise, the Cabo Yabos.

Country Barefoot Jamboree

Disney Parks Attraction: Country Bear Jamboree

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Have a knee-slappin’ good time playing like a hillbilly - in your bare feet! When it comes to wiffleball, shoes are optional.

The Great Mookie Ride

Disney Parks Attraction: The Great Movie Ride

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Named for one of the most colorful characters in the sport, Matt "Mookie" Smith. It's a spectacular journey into who knows what!

Mikey and Matt's Runaway Railway

Disney Parks Attraction: Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Zip away for a zany adventure with the legendary duo Matt and Mike Serge.

Matador Bobsleds

Disney Parks Attraction: Matterhorn Bobsleds

Wiffle®Kingdom Description: Hurtle down Bourissa Hill while avoiding the clutches of the Matador on a ride to save your soul.



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