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The 2018 Home Run Derby kicked off the weekend festivities on Friday, July 27. At the beginning of the evening, it looked a lot like the 2017 edition with a strong wind blowing in at Migley Field.

Because of that, the bracket format was scrapped for the second consecutive year, and each competitor received one minute to hit as many home runs as they could.  While many zeroes ended up on the board through the first round, the wind eventually died down for the later rounds.

A record 37 participants entered the competition, with Maple City's Jared Jonkman winning for the second consecutive year. Jonkman squared off with Nate Arndt in the finals, hitting the clincher as time expired. It was Arndt's fourth runner-up finish in the Derby.

Round-by-Round Results


2018 Derby Champion Jared Jonkman won his second Golden Bat in as many appearances, besting Nate Arndt, 12-11, in the finals.

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