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New Carlisle Wiffle®Ball Hall of Fame Class of 2020

Over the past 15 years, New Carlisle has carved out a huge space for itself on the map of the wiffleball world with The Wiffle®Ball Championship at Hometown Days and the Old Republic Wiffle®Ball League (ORWBL). Beginning as a small community gathering in 2005, The Championship now annually brings nearly 80 teams from all over the country to town during the Hometown Days festival. ORWBL, founded in 2007 with its epicenter in New Carlisle, features ballparks in backyards, city parks, and vacant lots across Northern Indiana. The rich tradition of both of these entities has prompted the establishment of the New Carlisle Wiffle®Ball Hall of Fame to honor the outstanding players and contributors that have elevated the game. The inaugural class of 15 individuals was selected by the Hometown Days Wiffle®Ball Committee. Subsequent nominees will be voted upon annually by the members of the Hall. The criteria for the first class weighed a combination of both on-field performance as well as the individual's impact on the founding and growth of New Carlisle wiffleball. The Class of 2020 will be honored between games of the Hometown Cup Finals at Migley Field on Sunday, July 26.

  Additionally, the Hall of Fame "museum" will be open in Memorial Park for the duration of the Hometown Days festival, July 24-26.  Along with plaques commemorating the inductees, the Hall will feature exhibits and historical artifacts collected over the years. Over 1,300 players have competed in The Championship and ORWBL since 2005. The 14 players and one special contributor who make up the Class of 2020 are featured here.



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