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Greatest Teams of the Decade

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

In 2010, the Hometown Cup was commissioned and The Wiffle®Ball Championship rose to a new level. Before the calendar turns to a new decade, we’ll highlight the best of the 2010s.

First up are the greatest teams of the decade. Teams received points for various achievements such as wins, division titles, playoff berths, Migley appearances, and Championships.

1. Cult West Warriors

They’ve held The Cup for almost half the decade, and with 8 major titles, can make a legitimate claim to the greatest team of all time. No surprise here, but the top team of the decade is the Cult West Warriors.

2. New Carlisle Newts

With 3 runner-up finishes in the past 5 years, it’s only fitting the hometown team lands at #2 on the countdown. The 3-time champs did break a 10-year title drought in 2018 and have the best W-L record since 2015.

3. Maple City Magic

Shane Anderson and Drew Luther first found Migley as teenagers in 2006. Now they lead this team to routine appearances to Wiffleball’s Grandest Stage.

4. Clutch Players

On to the final four, which is what this team has done nearly every year they have come to New Carlisle. The Clutch Players are always a tough out come playoff time.

5. Granger Panthers

#5 in the last decade, but #1 right now. The reigning Champions are set up for a run through the 2020s.

6. Where My Pitches At?

3 appearances, 3 team names, 3 trips to Migley. We took some liberties by rolling all their “pitch” names into Where My Pitches At, but can you really have a “greatest” wiffle list without the Schusters?

7. The Muffs

A model of consistency for the entire decade, The Muffs have been one of the top teams at The Championship since a run to Migley in their first appearance.

8. Speedy's Chickenheads

Arguably the most important team to the history of The Championship, fan favorite Speedy’s Chickenheads checks in at #8. Their run to the Hometown Cup Finals in 2017 had Migleyville partying like it was 2009.

9. Son of a Pitch

Just 4 appearances... but only 3 total losses. They immediately announced their arrival with a title in 2016, Son of a Pitch checks in at #9 on the countdown.

10. Emery's Army

Ironically, our first team in the countdown appears on a Sunday, given their history of not making it back on day two. Nevertheless, the renegade squad from Rolling Prairie has been a staple of The Championship since 2008 and is one of the tourney’s most successful clubs.

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