Final 2015 Standings

NEW CARLISLE - A record 50 teams competed in the 2015 City Championship this past weekend. Here are the final standings from the tournament, which will be used for the Grand Slam rankings.

1. Cult West Warriors

2. New Carlisle Newts

3. Maple City Magic

4. Clutch Players

5. Warsaw Whitecats

6. Granger Panthers

7. Hudson Lake Heat

8. Home Run or Bust

9. Muffs

10. White Lightning

11. Mechanics

12. Goebel Concrete

13. Jet City Junkballers

14. Beef Barn

15. Soggy Bottom Boys

16. Pitch Slapped

17. YTS

18. Watch Yo Face

19. Yellowhammers

20. Speedy's Chickenheads

21. Isotopes

22. Ain't The Ones

23. Emery's Army

24. London Colonels

25. Hudson Lake 2

26. Benchwarmers

27. 50 Shades of Jenner

28. Gone Forever Aaron Hernandez

29. Goebelstein Concrete

30. Late Arrivers, Part Deux

31. Pterodactyls

32. Gashouse Gorillas

33. Ruth's Plus One

34. Ball Team

35. Multiple Scoregasms

36. Cheeseburger in Parade

37. Skinny Genes

38. Pitches Ain't HIt

39. Billy Goat 9 and Dine

40. One Hit Wonders

41. The Big Ranch

42. Meyers Maniacs

43. Newbies

44. Big Dawgs

45. Flaming Dog Poop

46. Shawn Kemp's Kids

47. Dinker Heads

48. Notorious

49. More... of Shawn Kemp's Kids

50. Violators


The Wiffle®Ball Championship is an official event of New Carlisle Hometown Days, Inc. Hometown Days is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a fun-filled, family-oriented festival every July. The event weekend is a venue for many local churches, clubs, and other non-profit groups to conduct their biggest fundraisers of the year. All proceeds from The Championship help the Hometown Days committee in its effort to continue this summer tradition.


“WIFFLE”, the Wiffle Certification Mark and the image of the ball are registered trademarks owned by The Wiffle Ball, Inc. 

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