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Although the weather was absolutely perfect for Championship Weekend 2017, Friday night featured a stiff breeze from the north, making conditions for the annual Home Run Derby unfavorable to hitters.

Despite the wind, 34 brave competitors stepped up to the plate at Migley Field to swing for the fences.  In the end, newcomer Jared Jonkman reigned supreme, defeating Seth Campbell, 3-2, in the finals.

Because of the wind conditions, the popular bracket format was not utilized for the 2017 Derby, as only 7 of the participants were able to hit at least one home run in the first round.

Those competitors advanced to the second round with Jonkman and Campbell emerging as the top sluggers of the night.

2017 Derby Champion Jared Jonkman battled not only the wind, but also a field of 34 participants to claim the Golden Bat.

Round-by-Round Results

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