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For the first time since 2007, and only the third time in history, the Golden Bat did not go home to the Arndt household. Andy Sieradzki, of the Clutch Players, ended a seven-year run by Wiffleball Hall of Famer John Arndt and his son, Nick. Sieradzki beat out yet another Arndt, Nate, in the finals by a score of 22-21.


Sieradzki put up a total of 105 home runs in the competition, including the first round high score of 37. He knocked off Clutch Player teammates Scott Bartley and Zac Cook, who each had impressive showings, en route to the finals.


The Arndt dynasty may have been halted, but probably just temporarily. Younger son, Nate, was a breakout star in his runner-up performance. He knocked off his four-time champion dad in the semifinals to set up the showdown with Sieradzki.


Nate hit first in the final round, putting up 21 home runs. Sieradzki answered with 22, as the derby-winning blast left his bat right at the buzzer.


The 2015 Derby was modeled after the widely popular new format of the MLB Home Run Derby. The Hometown Days version featured 18 competitors who were randomly placed into a bracket. Each competitor received three minutes in the first round and two minutes in all subsequent rounds.

2015 Derby Champion Andy Sieradzki powered his way through an 18-person bracket to take home the Golden Bat. The new format brought a total of 471 homers, with Sieradzki hammering 105.

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