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A downpour immediately before the Derby's start time may have put a damper on the turnout, but John Arndt made history by winning his fourth Golden Bat award.


Hampered by injury and unable to participate in the previous two events in 2012 and 2011, Arndt returned to Migley Field and finished victorious.


Arndt knocked off his son, Nate, in the finals by a score of 7-5. Nate became the first competitor to hit the most total home runs and not be crowned champion, hammering out 21 total dingers.


Three-time reigning champion and John's "other" son, Nick, was out of town and unable to defend his crown. It was the first Derby that Nick did not compete in since the event moved to Migley Field in 2007.

John Arndt returned after a two-year hiatus from the Derby and won his fourth Golden Bat in 2013.

Round-by-Round Results

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